Down by Tower Bridge

I took another trip into London today it’s a good cheap option for me as only costs me £8.50 for a travelcard rather then the £90 petrol billed I knocked up going to Wales in the Lexus 🙂

Started off in Soho but never took any photos as looked like a builders yard with all the extensive work going on around Leicester Square, I think they are completing that for the summer so should make for some nice shots. Moved on to Trafalgar, a little around Westminster again and then finished up at Tower Bridge.

This is a shot of the funny looking building next to Tower Bridge that looks like it’s falling over. Was dark by then so will have to go back for some daytime shots here another time.

down by tower bridge" width="700" height="465" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-397 [ftmt_id]" />

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