Red haired lady feeding the birds in Richmond

Ive added a new category called street photography hooray! The other day when I was at the RAF museum by the time I got halfway around I was thinking this is getting abit boring. Not that the museum was not good, just all my photos where the same lighting, same enviroment, same shapes etc etc and worse same feel.

Really needed something to liven in it, something more spontaneous. What I really enjoy about street photography is the fact that once that moment has past it wont happen again in that exact same way. Your caputuring a one off moment and when you miss a shot like a person moves out of the scene you want its still a good feeling that you got to move faster next time.

After I left the RAF museum I drove back through Kew and Richmond and stopped off at Richmond to walk along the river. I got this great shot of a lady with her kid feeding the birds. The birds where flying all around her and she had this fantastic coat with her long red hair. Also very little post-processing, pretty much just the photo as it came out of the camera.

redhead woman feeding birds at richmond

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