Headley Heath pond Sigma 10-20mm

This morning I recieved my Sigma 10-22mm wide angle lens in the post and spent a good number of hours playing with it. As it’s my first wide angle lens really quite amazing just how much you can get from 10mm. Overall im really happy with the quality and build. I had previously been looking for a while on eBay for a Tokina 11-16mm as they are rated so well, but my Sigma cost almost half the price of Tokina and I do like a bargain 🙂

Only thing I don’t like about the Sigma is there is no auto/manual focus switch on the Nikon fit ones. As I was out on Headley Heath testing the lens for the sunset after it got dark I wanted to change the lens to manual and set it to infinity. Which doing so through the camera menu is very cumbersome particularly when it’s pitch black. A switch on the lens is so much easier!

This was the very first HDR I did with my new Sigma lens, a little watering hole at Headley Heath.

headley heath pond
headley heath pond

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