Royal Masonic Urbex, children of men

The Royal Masonic School for Boys was an independent school for boys in England.

From 1798 charities were set up for clothing and educating sons of needy Freemasons. They originally provided education by sending them to schools near to their homes.

Both schools were commonly used for films (such as Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, Lucky Jim (twice), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and numerous TV shows) from the 1950s until recently. The opening scenes of the children’s classic story, ‘Thunderbirds’ were filmed in the old science block’ (and also filmed at Wellington School.) The senior school and its grounds were used throughout the long running series of Judge John Deed starring Martin Shaw (employing much of the teaching block (in particular Dr.Sawyer’s mathematics classroom) as the judges’s chambers) and ‘Big School’ for many of the in-court scenes).

Royal Masonic children of men
Royal Masonic children of men

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