Stand Up to Racism Convoy to Greece

Earlier this year myself and my wife was involved in a convoy to bring aid and support to the refugees in the Calais camp known as the ‘Jungle’. Following on from the success of the previous trip we are now planning a convoy to bring aid and support directly to those effected in Greece.

Stand Up to Racism Convoy to Greece

We will be taking a delegation (Fuad Alakbarov, (myself) Christopher Bowler (Bowig), Julie-anne Wigfield Bowig, Alison Hendrick, Blair Logan, Hannah Pearson, Jillian Petrie) from Scotland to Greece on 17th May to 21st May to provide solidarity, medical, financial and humanitarian support to refugees there. We wish to take money with us to assist efforts of local volunteers and we also want to forge lasting links with people and organisations locally. We are keen to visit orphanage in Thessaloniki. We want to continue to help, because this crisis is not likely to go away in the near future. Your donations will reduce the cost of the trip.

Please give what you can in solidarity and support of the refugees and migrants stranded in Greece.

Please click here to show your support!

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