Full frame DSLR under £500 Canon 5d mark ii body

In the era of film cameras you could say they where finally surpassed with the arrival of the Nikon D700. The Nikon D700 was a full frame DSLR with 12mp and aimed at the pro market. Shortly after the Nikon D700 was released Canon entered the full frame market with their offering the Canon 5d mark ii.

Canon 5dmarkii
Canon 5dmarkii

The Canon 5d mark ii body was also a full frame body but boasted a 21.1mp sensor and video quality that changed perspective of what a DSLR was with many film makers opting to use the canon 5d mark ii.

The used photography market is abundant with full frame cameras of the past generation. You can pick up a used Canon 5d mark ii body for under £500 on auction sites these days which makes the canon 5d mark ii a bargain.

The Canon 5d mark ii is still a highly relevant camera now for your primary camera or even as a second body when your travelling and need a backup for those emergencies.

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