DJI H3-3D Gimbal for Phantom 2

The DJI H3-3D Gimbal for Phantom 2 is a solid, stable way to attach a GoPro Hero 3 camera to your Phantom 2 drone copter. Steady video from a drone Your videos will look pleasingly smooth and stable since the H3-3D Gimbal offers three-axis stabilisation to make sure things stay level. Capture stunning action footage from an aerial perspective. Advanced camera stabiliser Clever Zenmuse technology incorporates patented sensors, advanced algorithms and custom-built gimbal motors to ensure the DJI H3-3D Gimbal offers optimum stability for your action cam. There are downloadable updates available too, so your gimbal can continue to provide the best possible performance, enabling you to continuously record sharp, clear footage of exciting events. Small and lightweight, the DJI H3-3D Gimbal for Phantom 2 won't encumber your drone, and it's durable enough to withstand the rigours of aerial video capture.

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