Black and White

Paisley Abbey Renfrewshire

I love Paisley, my wifes hometown 🙂


Paisley Abbey is the burial place of all six High Stewards of Scotland, Marjorie Bruce who was the mother of Robert II and the wives of Robert II and King Robert III. The Celtic Barochan Cross, once sited near the village of Houston, Renfrewshire, is now located inside the abbey itself. The cross is thought to date from the 10th century. In the abbey’s nave, the Wallace Memorial Window, which depicts the image of Samson, was donated in 1873.

Paisley Abbey Moon

Wobbly bridge selective colour

Im used to doing these selective colour type effect the manual way in Photoshop where you just brush in by hand with layers. It’s very boring that way and tricky getting it right. While playing with OnOne Phototools 2.6 I came across this effect that I’d not seen before. It’s a little hit and miss as you need bold colours it can pick up easily but the skin/people option worked really well for this photo and so easy!

wobbly bridge selective colour
wobbly bridge selective colour