Closeup and Macro

Green Bottle Fly Macro A7R

Since moving over to the Sony A7R have been playing a little with some macro photography when the weather is wet outside have a little home photography studio setup.

This photo was taken with the Sony A7R and a reversed 24mm Nikon prime 2.8mm lens. Reverse lens adaptors are a very effective and cheap way to achieve good extreme macro results as you can pick up a reverse adaptor for a few pounds to work with lenses you already own.

Green Bottle Macro A7R
Green Bottle Macro A7R

Chained and padlocked gate

I really like closeup and macro photography but I don’t really have an eye for it. Often when I go somewhere I look it up on Google images and see the photos others took and see some great shots I walked by. I took my niece to the park and it’s was a bit of a gloomy day so there was very little to photo which is why I took a shot of this gate when normally I would have been more focused on the skyline.

I really like how it came out and it’s a great example of how HDR’ing a picture can make even a boring photo come to life. Even though this was a single RAW file still got some nice results through Photomatix and Photoshop.

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