Grey outside Battersea power station

As I walked past Battersea power station the other day I took a number of pictures of it. To be honest it’s about the most ugliest eyesore of a building you could imagine, but it fills up the whole landscape and is very imposing. I expect to hear on the news any day that it will be demolished so I will saviour it incase with some photos.

I took a number of just the building itself but the one I prefer was this one with it set in the background. I jazzed up the surrounding photo to keep that grey feeling you get from looking at this building.

grey outside battersea power station
grey outside battersea power station

Rooftop antenna masks over blue skies

Atleast thats what I think they are, but thats just my best guess. The building underneath is an old bingo hall that used to be a cinema that my dad went to as a child. If you know what they are post a comment.

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