LG G5 Cam Plus camera module not working How to FIX fixed

How to fix LG G5 Cam Plus

How to fix G5 Cam Plus
How to fix G5 Cam Plus

As a photographer I’ve been wanting to try the G5 Cam Plus for a while but been put off by the high price. Recently I saw them being sold brand new for £5.95 a huge saving as normal price is over £60.

* Link below for the £5.95 Cam Plus offer.

When I received my G5 Cam Plus I was expecting just to plug it in and be working, which was not the case. I spent a couple of days messing around with it and because I thought the problem may be as I was running V20 firmware rather then the V10 firmware that is suggested as a fix that could be the issue.

I emailed LG support..

Hi I’ve just bought a brand new cam plus module. The cam plus module is recognised by the G5 phone in LG Friends but not in the LG cam plus manager (im using Version 5.0.5). The cam plus module LED has never come on so I think the battery in cam plus is depleted. From searching your support database it says I need the G5 phone to be on software V10. However my phone is on V20e-EUR-XX and I don’t see a way to downgrade to V10. Could you advise a way to get the cam plus module to charge (red led) as I ca not get the led to come on.

Who emailed me back with this reply..

You would not need to downgrade your software as it would be from Version 10 and upwards so the Module will work perfectly fine with your phone in theory. It doesn’t sound like an issue with software as much as simply an issue with the Cam Plus module Christopher in terms of the power on it. I would really suggest that you contact the retailer you purchased it from as it is faulty and we do not offer a repair on them as they are simply a return to retailer item.

So I did not want to return the Cam Plus module as it was brand new and sealed, so I saw no reason why it should be faulty and if I returned it I would only get my money back. So instead I figured out the problem and got the module working correctly.

Inside the Cam Plus is a 1200ma battery and in order for it to be detected by your LG G5 phone it needs that battery to have some charge in it. Initially when the Cam Plus was offered for sale those batteries inside would of had some charge in them and be detected by your phone when connected. However as these Cam Plus modules are not that desirable and we are coming up to the LG G7 handsets those modules have been sat around for a long time. LG offered a firmware fix to address this which was V10.

Also note there is different versions of the Cam Plus I have CBG-700.

How to fix G5 Cam Plus

  • Make sure your phone is running firmware V10 or above. Settings > General > About phone > Software info > Software version ( mine is V20e-EUR-XX )
  • Install LG Cam Plus manager ( my version is 5.0.5 )
  • Attach LG Cam Plus module
  • Hold down the shutter button on Cam Plus module (no.3 below, the biggest button next to the little round button)
  • Whilst still holding down the shutter button insert the USB power cable, the red light on the Cam Plus module will come on indicating it is charging the Cam Plus module.
    • Without turning off your phone, eject the Cam Plus module from the phone and pull the main phone battery off the module. The red light should still be lit, leave the module on its own to charge to green state.

    Once charged you can reconnect the Cam Plus module and it will function correctly.

    * Link below for the £5.95 Cam Plus offer.


    Best 360 cameras on sale Xiaomi Mi Sphere GoPro Fusion YI 360 vr

    Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360

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    Best cheap camera under £100 The bargain Samsung NX3000 review

    Samsung NX3000 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor. Worthy of pros but built for enthusiasts, the 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor gives your images incredible detail and amazing colour. It’s perfect for beautiful out-focused photos and noise-free images, even in low light.

    Samsung NX3000 camera
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    Samsung NX 16-50mm

    Shoot video Full HD (1920x1080p) at 30 frames per second with lifelike colour and extraordinarily sharp details. The H.264 format allows you to record longer MPEG-4 video, so you can capture more of the action.

    Glencoe loch sunset haze
    Glencoe loch sunset haze
    Glencoe boat club jetty
    Glencoe boat club jetty
    Samsung NX3000
    Samsung NX3000
    Sunrise in Glencoe Scotland
    Sunrise in Glencoe Scotland
    Glencoe waiting for the sun
    Glencoe waiting for the sun
    Glencoe Scotland loch
    Glencoe Scotland loch

    waiting room only
    waiting room only
    Non Plus Castle
    Non Plus Castle
    Samsung NX3000
    Samsung NX3000

    How to fix HTC M7 Camera pink purple tinge

    HTC M7 Camera pink purple tinge fix
    HTC M7 Camera pink purple tinge fix

    My old HTC M7 developed the pink purple tinge fault that is common as the camera module over heats and becomes permanently damaged. So I bought a replacement camera module on eBay for £9.99 watched a couple of Youtube videos and had the new camera fitted in about 30 minutes. Fired it up, and hey presto camera works a treat now.

    You can check out the HTC M7 camera modules for sale and these Youtube videos will show you how to replace the module.

    This is the only way to correct the pink purple tinge problem. Software and setting fixes are a waste of time as the module is fried.

    Voigtlander 15mm Super Wide with Sony A7R

    The Voigtlander 15mm super wide is a fantastic lens to look at and no-doubt performs like a trooper when matched with a film SLR but is not so great when paired with a Sony A7R. Due to the lens being so close to the sensor even when using an adaptor to E mount it produces a very strong green at the edges.

    voigtlander 15mm
    voigtlander 15mm

    The first problem I found was with an E mount adaptor the lens did not screw on without being slightly offset. This caused a problem in the small attached hood of the lens was in the frame when I took a photo, I thought a way to get around this would be to use a small rubber circular washer so I could align the lens correctly. That worked great but the extra couple of millimetres travel sent the focus off on the lens. So even when set to infinity pictures where very soft.

    voigtlander 15mm
    voigtlander 15mm

    It is a fantastic looking lens and would have made a great point and shoot everything when set to infinity. But unfortunately not suitable with the Sony A7R.

    voigtlander 15mm
    voigtlander 15mm

    This is the first version of the lens and would be ideal because of its price, I paid just over £200. You can get the version 2 and version 3 of this lens and they would work better on the little Sonys but the price is much more, so your defeating the object of getting a super wide lens for you Sony on a cheap budget.

    voigtlander 15mm
    voigtlander 15mm

    So, instead of the Voigtlander if your after a super wide lens that works 100% for your mirrorless full frame Sony and you want a reasonable price I would choose the Samyang 14mm and the Samyang 12mm fish eye. Both great lenses that I’ve owned and produce sharp photos.

    voigtlander 15mm
    voigtlander 15mm

    Samyang 14mm

    Samyang 12mm

    Voigtlander 15mm

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