Hamilton Pool, Texas

I found Hamilton Pool whilst surfing the internet and apart from looking fantastic it seemed vaguely reminiscent. After a little Googling I found it was a location used in the film ‘Teeth’ which I had watched many years ago as a kid.. I won’t go into the details of the film as it was a bit bizarre to say the least lol.

Was a terrific day when we visited but the water was polluted that day so we was not allowed to swim and after we left Hamilton Pool we camped up in the RV park at Hamilton Park which was also another great place to visit. If your ever in Texas a great place to stop by!

Hamilton Pool 6-XL

Street traffic in Downtown Houston

Playing with traffic in Downtown Houston – One of my fav. type shots to take is traffic shots at night in the City. TBH they are quite hard to do as there is always alot of people watching you and cars honking their horns or shouting out the windows wondering what your up to. Takes me a while to get these as every shot is a different combination of lights and movement so I will be standing in the street for a long time 🙂
— at Downtown Houston, Texas.

street traffic in downtown houston
street traffic in downtown houston

Sunrise over Galveston Pier

Sunrise over Galveston Pier — in Galveston, TX. Have to say I don’t like getting up early for sunrise shots, but was my last morning in Texas and decided it was now or never. So set my alarm for 4.30am and took the 40 minute drive from League city into Galveston.

sunrise over galveston pier
sunrise over galveston pier

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