Better HDR photos

How to spot and correct the most common mistakes in HDR processing
Level: Beginner & Intermediate
To show the 10 most common mistakes, I use 10 of my very first photos in which I made horrible mistakes
Will save you years of headaches and searching for answers!
50 pages long

Trying to improve your HDR photography and avoid common mistakes, issues and frustrations? This is the book for you! With fifty pages of examples, descriptions and tips, your HDR may even improve in just one sitting like Steve’s did. I’ll let previous readers tell you more about this ebook.

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thanks for putting in some serious effort and creating this more than excellent ebook! I am amazed and inspired by your knowledge and have been for a few years since i first saw some of your work on flickr. since then all i have done is HDR and to be honest I’m not bad, but i know i make some of the mistake you have highlighted. I would reccommend this to anyone. it’s certainly a must have ebook. thanks again