HDR Movie tutorial

Photography, HDR, and Post-Processing Course.

Below has all the information you need about how to do not just HDR, but many other innovative and fun post-processing techniques.

Course Topics and Details

You can consume as much or as little as you like! Even though the whole package is a little overkill in terms of content, it’s nice to know that there is more depth there when you are ready for it. Below are the topics discussed in the various lessons!

Over 11 hours of video instruction
For beginners and moving into intermediate and advanced topics
Over 130 source working files included (in best packages)
Available for immediate download!

11.5 hours of video instruction
9 classes- See below for topics

“Best value per session of training I’ve ever received.” – Eddie Clark, TX

“Even if you think you know everything about HDR it is still worth to attend the course.” – Adam Jurgilewicz, Poland

“I think the course was a brilliant mix of HDR skills, PS skills, and a better approach to photography.” – Cliff Scott-Williams, Illinois

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