Street Photography Tutorial

I love doing landscapes photos but the trouble with landscapes is there are certain times in the day to get the best shots. Namely at sunrise and sunset of course throughout the day there can also be nice conditions that make for a great photo. But generally speaking things are not too great when the sun is high in the sky.

Also if the weather is anything like where Iam most days are wet and overcast with no great shots to be had. So what do I do while Im waiting for the weather?

This is why I started doing street photography. Street photography is taking photos of people going about there business in a candid way. You want to capture the scene without them noticing because if they see you taking a photo it will change the scene completely.

What I really love about street photography is everything changes so quickly if you miss that shot it’s gone forever. You can walk up and down the same street and everything that happens will be different.

Now in my opinion there are no rules to street photography. You just go out there and capture what you see, what you think looks good. Maybe you see an man sleeping on a bench.

old man holding stick asleep on a bench

Black and white works great for street photography also the same with lomo photos and when your doing black and white it’s not such a focal point what the sky and clouds are doing infact street photography can be great in any weather, even if it’s raining!

There are those that say street photography can not be overly processed. But, I do not agree. Do what you feel fits and looks best. Your doing art for yourself not to fit in with what others say. This photo works great in my opinion with some HDR added really makes for more of an impact with lines of the buildings.

lady in purple coat hdr

Pets also make for great street photos and owners seldom mind you taking photos of their dog. On Valentines day I saw this great scene of a dog in a shop window looking out into the street with this sign under him saying ‘love’ was to me just a great and funny scene that I had to capture. Dont be afraid to set your ISO high makes for speedier in and out shots and the noise grain can add to a street shot and if you really don’t want the noise just run a pass through something like noiseware.

dog love in the shop

What I tend to do is pre set my focus about 6 or so meters in front of me and then walk into my subjects distance to grab that shot I keep my ISO quite high and set my aperture wide or just flick my camera to P mode which gives me a wide aperture and fast shutter speed to freeze any movement. This is also great settings for hip shots, if you practice your hip shots you can easily get your subject in frame without even looking at your camera. Afterwards I will go into photoshot and crop or straighten my images to get the framing nice. Here’s an example of one of my hip shots.

three walking along brighton parade

You dont always need to be so close to your subject, just having people in a nice scene makes it interesting. Of course this is more a landscape come street photo. So not what some would call a street photo. But it’s obvious how I captured the people in the middle that I wanted them there to make the photo that more interesting.

under the brighton wheel

Alot of people think HDR is about the colours, yes it’s apart of HDR but the main thing is the lighting. You can still do interesting black and white HDR as well. Here is a traffic warden busy with his duties, just the ticket.

just the ticket

So are you still not getting those great street shots that you are after?

Heres a great free ebook tutorial that you will find handy. It explains everything you need to know for getting that fantastic street photography shot.

Download as PDF file in your browser *slower

Download as RAR file to your computer *faster requires winrar to unzip

Happy Hunting!

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