ebay camera remote cable release for Nikon MC-DC2

Dont be tempted to buy the cheap cable releases and remotes you see advertised on eBay, they really are hit and miss if they will work. I bought a couple for myself and both did nothing.

The original Nikon one works perfect, is good quality and is pretty cheap in price TBH. I bought mine through Amazon arrived next day. Get yours from her..

Nikon MC-DC2 Remote Cord For Nikon from Amazon

You may be tempted to get an eBay one as they are so cheap, I think I paid £1 for one and I also bought an expensive one on eBay which was £25 and came with additional timers and features.

Also im sure the cheap one damaged my camera as when I recieved my original Nikon MC-DC2 Remote Cord it did not work. I sent Nikon an email but the next day I tried it again it worked perfect and has continued to do so with no issue.

I did at the time make a video of the expensive eBay copy to show to the eBay seller as he was adamant it worked 100%.

The eBay seller told me to change the settings on the camera and check the instructions manual saying that he had used these remotes himself without problem on a Nikon D5000. There are no settings, these remotes are simple plug and play. Plug them in and off you go. Which pretty much to me shows they have not been tested by those on eBay selling them.

So apart from wasting your time and paying to post it back for a refund you also run the risk that these Chinese copies can also damage your camera. I also advise not buying the ones on eBay that say they are Nikon ones as they are likely to be copies made to look like the original Nikon ones. If you buy on Amazon you will get a genuine Nikon cable release. Mine was £15 cheaper then the expensive copy.