Nikon D200 Review

The Nikon D200 is a 10.2-megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera that falls between entry-level/midrange DSLR cameras such as the Nikon D40, Nikon D40x, and D80 and high-end models such as the Nikon D2Hs and D2Xs. It was released by the Nikon Corporation in November 2005. The D200 was succeeded by the D300 in August 2007.

Main advantages over the D40, D40x, D50, D60 and D80 cameras include:

More robust, metal (magnesium alloy) body incorporating environmental seals
Better matrix metering than D40, D50, or D80 (more sensor areas and less prone to overexposure)

Higher image resolution than D50 and D40, 10 MP instead of 6 MP (Note that the D40x and D60 are 10.2 MP)

11-point autofocus system instead of a 3-point system (D40, D40x and D60)

Advanced continuous autofocus tracking options

More straightforward controls; many controls to adjust shooting settings (image quality, ISO, etc.) are directly accessible on the camera without going into the menu system

Five frames per second continuous shooting

Larger image buffer

Four-channel sensor output (faster throughput to support 5 frames per second and finer color gradation)

Dedicated PC (flash) sync plug

Ability to save RAW images with selectable size and quality JPEGs (the D50 and D70s can only save basic quality JPEGs with RAW images)

Ability to save uncompressed RAW images

Ability to meter with pre-AF lenses

Ability to connect NMEA 0183 compatible GPS

EN-EL3e battery with precise status reporting

Optional vertical battery grip

Optional vertical grip integrated with wireless transmitter

Compared with Nikon’s professional cameras, mainly the D2Xs, the D200 lacks an integrated vertical battery grip, longer battery life, and some minor features. The autofocus system has only one cross-type sensor instead of nine like the D2H, D2Hs, D2X and D2Xs, though it has the same number of focus points (eleven). This means the D200 has the versatility but lacks the precision of the D2 series, particularly with the sensors other than the center cross-type sensor, and in low-light conditions. The D200 offers a lower price and a more compact, lighter body than the D2 series.

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