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The Wellington Rooms, or as it is often commonly referred to, The Irish Centre.

Was designed by the architect Edmund Aikin and built between 1815–1816 as a subscription assembly room for the Wellington Club. It was originally used by high society for assemblies, dance balls and parties. Between 1923 and 1940 it was the Embassy Club and was used for tea dances, classes and weddings. During WW2, the building became the first base for the Rodney Youth Centre though bomb damage in 1941 damaged all of the original ceilings with the exception of the ballroom.

The building officially opened as Liverpool Irish Centre on 1 February 1965 hosting ceilis, music, drama performances as well as serving as a base for clubs and societies.

Neo-classical in style the building’s facade is Grade II listed, but it is now blackened and the building is derelict. The building was designed with a central entrance that leads into an octagonal room from which three further rooms can be accessed from. These were originally used as a drawing room, refreshment room and ballroom. The building had three separate entrances which were intend for men, ladies and sedan-chairs & carriages. The building has now been closed for about 20 years. But there are now plans to re-open the building as a science and technology hub.

Wellington Rooms
Wellington Rooms

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